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Energy Security in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

We recently dodged a bullet here in Hampton Roads, Virginia; the full force of Hurricane Sandy passed about 350 miles east of us. Installations to the North were not as fortunate. The impact of this storm reminded me of Homestead Air Force Base after Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and Keesler Air Force Base after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. These “Once […]

Energy Efficiency 101: Five Tips to Save You a Bundle

  Over the years I have had many conversations with fellow energy professionals regarding how best to do our jobs. Some folks (especially the newer ones) tend to believe that expensive projects with outside contractors must be initiated in order to reduce base energy costs. Nothing could be further from the truth. In short, there are a handful of activities […]

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The recent presidential debates barely touched on the subject of energy, and when they did, the discussion usually descended quickly to well-packaged sound bites that rehashed old battle lines pitting economic progress versus environmental preservation.