Speaking Energetically

Alternative Energy Planning and “Green” Building

Cherokee Energy Management has been in the forefront of multiple alternative energy and green building projects, utilizing a variety of modes. These include energy production using: 

  • Photovoltaic cells
  • Solar power
  • Wind turbines
  • Geothermal and heat recovery
  • Retro commissioning
  • Measurement and Verification of energy conservation measures


Our green building strategies consistently achieve dramatic energy savings that demonstrate clear and expeditious return on investment.

 Example of applicable experience:

  • Project Manager for Tennessee Valley Authority’s first photovoltaic site. 40kW grid connected solar learning project at Adventure Science Museum, Nashville, TN.
  • Project Manager for first U.S. Navy wind turbine installation with connection to local electric grid on East Coast. JEBLCFS installation of three 2.3 kW Skystream Turbines.
  • Project Manager for U.S. Navy JEBLCFS Geothermal Energy Conservation Investment Project (ECIP). Installation of geothermal HVAC systems in multiple buildings.
  • Project Manager for U.S. Navy Naval Station Norfolk Heat Recovery Energy Conservation Investment Project (ECIP). Used air conditioning system to heat domestic hot water in barracks building.