Speaking Energetically

Program Management

Some clients know exactly which services they wish to access from Cherokee Energy Management, while others require initial consultations before their specific needs emerge.

Once the type and scope of work is determined, we assume project management responsibilities according to the client’s needs. An example would be the installation of a wind turbine program, for which we could manage all the technical details of installation, performance, connection to the grid, etc., while also tending to the education and communications needs of the program. Determining the scope of involvement and responsibility among all parties is integral to effective program management.

Other prominent Program Management activities include:

  • Utility Rate Negotiations—Our knowledge and experience in this arena have assisted many clients in achieving reduced utility rates along with the already substantial cost savings of their new energy efficiency program. A small sample of clients for whom we have negotiated successful rate reductions:

* Huish Detergents
* Outokumpu Metals
* Hughes Hardwoods
* State of Tennessee
* Tennessee Department of Corrections
* Vanderbilt University
* Service Merchandise
* Value Vision
* All American Homes
* Morningside Senior Living

  • Project Management and Business Development—The broad-based program management described above manifests as discrete projects, each of which require planning, coordination and oversight. We are experienced project managers who work with clients to discern the extent and duration of their need for our direct involvement in any given project. We do the same for any business development activities that ensue from our clients’ embrace of energy efficiency programs.
    In addition, our extensive relationships in the energy industry help assist in the often lengthy sales cycle for federal, state and local energy projects. We know how to work with government agencies to streamline projects and keep them moving forward to successful completion, with results that include substantial energy savings and the creation of enduring relationships for our customer and their clients.