Speaking Energetically

Shipboard Energy Management

Our veteran Shipboard Energy Management experts can provide the following:

  • Power Quality Analysis in-port and at-sea
  • Utility bill auditing and identification of outliers.
  • Data logging of large electrical users aboard ships.
  • Creation of energy baselines for entire classes of Navy vessels based on location and mission.
  • In-port and Underway energy training.
  • Analysis of fleet-wide issues in energy consumption and operational reliability.
  • Training for shipboard energy monitors.
  • Program development.
  • Staffing and staff augmentation
  • Subject matter expert for energy management, both shore-side and afloat.


Example of applicable experience:

  • US Fleet Forces Energy Manager—Responsible for energy consumption aboard all US Navy vessels on Eastern Coast of United States. (Reduced fleet energy costs by $4 million dollars in first year.)
  • US Navy SURFLANT Energy Manager–Surface Forces Atlantic Energy Manager responsible for energy conservation measure development, implementation, energy training and curriculum development on surface vessels east coast.